A post to yourself . . .

Hello lovelies!


Whilst thinking about wellness tools, I had a thought about something that might help me (and maybe you?).

I though about writing a post to myself whilst I feel well, and then reading his post whenever I am feeling low.

I know I won’t believe the content when I am feeling low, but it may help. So here we go!

*  *  *

Dear Karen,

I know when you read this you will be feeling terrible.
You wont have washed in days, you wont be answering the phone or seeing anybody. You will be sleeping all the time.
Your anxiety will be through the roof and you will be peeling your skin.

I want you to remember the following. It is true. It is really about you. It will help.

You are a strong, capable woman. You have come through a lot in your life. You have an amazing family. You have a strong family.
Please believe this will soon pass. You will start to feel better. You will soon feel able to talk to people again.
Have a bath or shower, you always feel a bit better after it.
Get dressed, you will feel better for it.
Text Kathryn or Mel, they always have your back and make you feel better. They love you. Tell them you aren’t feeling good and ask them for help.
Try having a relaxed evening with the Hubby. Snuggle up and watch something funny, or anything you feel like.
Trust what The Hubby says. Believe him when he says this will pass.
This will really pass.
Try and make something. Go to Etsy for inspiration.
Try not to pick the skin on your lips.
Try not to sleep for long times, you always feel worse when you wake up.
Be patient with yourself, this illness is very new to you.
Accept love from people. They really do love you and think the world of you.

Well, I hope this does help. Time will tell! I hope it helps someone else too.

I hope you are all feeling strong and well,

Much Love,

Karen xx


Just for today – Fuck you Bipolar. (sorry for the swears Brigid x) Trigger warning.

Just for today, just for this moment  – Fuck you Bipolar.

Fuck you and this Snakes and Ladders life.
Teasing me with your oh so  d e l i c i o u s  highs, when I am super-human and promise the world to people.
When I can achieve anything. When I think I am famous and people should recognise me. When I am an incredible friend to people. When I can help others. When my mind pops with ideas. When I spend lots of money. When I am  e x t a t i c with life.

Fuck you and your  d i s g u s t i n g ,  d i s g r a c e f u l  lows. When I am ugly. When I don’t wash for days. When I just don’t give a shit about myself. When I think I am the worst mother in the world. When I think I am the worst wife in the world. When I pity my family for having to put up with me. When I  l o n g   to be me before I got really ill. When I am cursed with crippling anxiety. When I peel the skin from my lips. When I can’t face anyone except my husband and son. When I just get so tired putting on a front.


Just for today, just for this moment – Fuck. You. Bipolar.


Letter Requesting a Letter of Love or Support…

This looks like an amazing idea. It might just help pull you through those really bad times. I will be doing a WRAP book soon. I will post about it at some point


Treating Mood Disorders

Love Letter or Letter of Support from a Wellness JournalIn past posts, I have talked about requesting “love letters” or letters of support from family, friends, and sweethearts.  These letters should be added to a wellness journal, to be reviewed when you are struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness.   I have included an example of a letter to give to your support person.   Keep in mind that sometimes you may not get your letter back for quite some time.  If you provide your loved ones with the paper and a stamped envelope, you may have better luck in getting it back.

Dear [sweetheart, family member or friend],

I have been working on creating a “Wellness Journal” to help me in treating my depression.    A Wellness Journal is a compilation of self-affirmations, positive memories, goals, tools, and letters from people who love and care about me.   I would like to ask you to assist me on my path…

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Not doing well. . . but aching to feel better.

Hello lovelies,


Short and sweet post today, not doing well.

My sister is getting married on Saturday. I want to be the best big sister I can for my gorgeous ‘lil sister, but my anxiety is through the roof.

I am looking for some help here people.

Why is this illness so god damn selfish!!!

I feel totally guilty for not doing everything for her that I envisaged doing, when my little sis got married. But that was before I got ill.

I couldn’t go to her hen night – I had several panic attacks during the day, and as I now don’t drink (I haven’t drunk for years, due to all the meds) I knew I would feel so out-of-place and anxious at a rammed cocktail bar and club. She was   a m a z i n g  though, and totally understood.

I’m doing the make-up for my mum and my sister. I’m scared to death I won’t do it well, even though this used to be my job!!

I’m also seeing a Psychologist tomorrow morning for an assessment to see if ‘talking therapy’ would be good for me. I then get placed on a long and winding waiting list for it.

As I type this I have a million wedding things I’ve got to remember swirling through my head, things I   c a n n o t   forget. I think I need to make a list.

Thank you for listening to me vent spleen.

I hope you are all feeling well and strong,

Much Love,

Karen x