Uh-ohhhhh! My Credit Card is stinging a teeny bit!

Ohhhhh  b o y . Ohhhhh  d e a r.  Ohhhhh crap. So we’re not talking about a  p l a n e ,  a new  c a r  or anything, but we might as well be with our budget! Curse you EBAY!! (shakes fist at laptop – whilst she still has a laptop to shake […]

A post to yourself . . .

Hello lovelies!   Whilst thinking about wellness tools, I had a thought about something that might help me (and maybe you?). I though about writing a post to myself whilst I feel well, and then reading his post whenever I am feeling low. I know I won’t believe the content when I am feeling low, […]

New med side effects + a drink + electrical socket = Sorry Hubby!

So my lovelies. . . My dose of  S e r o q u e l   has been upped, causing more dopey-ness and other side effects – boo hiss boo!! My typical nightly routine is to get comfy and snuggled in bed, then take all my meds – and it is quite a cocktail I have […]