Hello again old friend….

Hello lovelies! It’s been such a  l o n g  time! I’m sorry I’ve been quiet of late. I shall update you! I’ve had some big changes in my  w o r k   life and life at  h o m e . So, work first! After much soul-searching and talks with  t h e  h u […]

A post to yourself . . .

Hello lovelies!   Whilst thinking about wellness tools, I had a thought about something that might help me (and maybe you?). I though about writing a post to myself whilst I feel well, and then reading his post whenever I am feeling low. I know I won’t believe the content when I am feeling low, […]

Just for today – Fuck you Bipolar. (sorry for the swears Brigid x) Trigger warning.

Just for today, just for this moment  – Fuck you Bipolar. Fuck you and this Snakes and Ladders life. Teasing me with your oh so  d e l i c i o u s  highs, when I am super-human and promise the world to people. When I can achieve anything. When I think I am […]

Not doing well. . . but aching to feel better.

Hello lovelies,   Short and sweet post today, not doing well. My sister is getting married on Saturday. I want to be the best big sister I can for my gorgeous ‘lil sister, but my anxiety is through the roof. I am looking for some help here people. Why is this illness so god damn selfish!!! […]

I let myself slip.

  Yesterday was the first time I couldn’t keep a lid on and hide the depth of my feelings from The Boy. I know he isn’t stupid, he’s a very mature early teen, we’ve told him I am Bipolar. . . but I felt so  g u i l t y  about it all yesterday. […]