The Bipolar Bedroom

Lovely , warm , cosy . . . horrible , claustrophobic , trap.

I love my bedroom. A place to rest and regenerate. A place to have sex and to sleep.

I also hate it. It becomes my  p r i s o n .

Perhaps my bedroom is  B i p o l a r  with me?

It brings me comfort and safety, but at the same time it confines me. I’m not motivated to leave the bedroom. I watch and listen to everyone walking past the house, going about their lives. I feel jealous.

My bedroom changes mood with me.

One time it is bright and airy, encouraging me to go out, be free and confident. The next it is dank and dark, not letting me escape, keeping me pinned to the bed.

One moment it is hot and sexy. The next, stone cold.

How can I even this out? How can I meet my bedroom in the middle?


I hope you are all feeling strong,

Much love,

Karen xx


14 thoughts on “The Bipolar Bedroom

  1. I understand what you mean 100%. I’ve often felt my bed in particular can be a prison. I have epilepsy and when it acts up I’m confined to it so I don’t pass out and hurt myself while walking about. Yet at the same time its a place of peace. Great post.
    Keep well 🙂

  2. Karen I think you just wrote a post that so many suffering Bipolar or Depression, completely relate to! …I know these days well! *smiling* No matter how bad I’m feeling, I force myself up! Why? because if not…the bed consumes me!
    Exercising helps as you feel better about yourself…look good!…feel good!
    Christmas is coming and I look forward to it. Do you enjoy Christmas? be good or Santa won’t bring you a present! *laughing*.
    This is what you need to do our Karen..*laugh!*…..put your favorite music on sing and dance around your house like your famous! *laughing* If you don’t get up I will hunt you down and jump up and down on your bed!! * laughing again*….followed by a huge pillow fight! …Take care our Karen a good fairy is watching over you!
    Paula xxxxxx

  3. It is kind of an abusive relationship we have with our bedrooms, isn’t it? A room which changes depending on how we’re feeling – and not due to anything we can control!

    I hope you’re feeling a bit better.

  4. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m now not certain whether this submit is written by way of him as nobody else recognise such particular about my problem. You’re wonderful!
    Thank you!

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