A post to yourself . . .

Hello lovelies!


Whilst thinking about wellness tools, I had a thought about something that might help me (and maybe you?).

I though about writing a post to myself whilst I feel well, and then reading his post whenever I am feeling low.

I know I won’t believe the content when I am feeling low, but it may help. So here we go!

*  *  *

Dear Karen,

I know when you read this you will be feeling terrible.
You wont have washed in days, you wont be answering the phone or seeing anybody. You will be sleeping all the time.
Your anxiety will be through the roof and you will be peeling your skin.

I want you to remember the following. It is true. It is really about you. It will help.

You are a strong, capable woman. You have come through a lot in your life. You have an amazing family. You have a strong family.
Please believe this will soon pass. You will start to feel better. You will soon feel able to talk to people again.
Have a bath or shower, you always feel a bit better after it.
Get dressed, you will feel better for it.
Text Kathryn or Mel, they always have your back and make you feel better. They love you. Tell them you aren’t feeling good and ask them for help.
Try having a relaxed evening with the Hubby. Snuggle up and watch something funny, or anything you feel like.
Trust what The Hubby says. Believe him when he says this will pass.
This will really pass.
Try and make something. Go to Etsy for inspiration.
Try not to pick the skin on your lips.
Try not to sleep for long times, you always feel worse when you wake up.
Be patient with yourself, this illness is very new to you.
Accept love from people. They really do love you and think the world of you.

Well, I hope this does help. Time will tell! I hope it helps someone else too.

I hope you are all feeling strong and well,

Much Love,

Karen xx


12 thoughts on “A post to yourself . . .

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    • Thank you so much, I’m so pleased it struck a chord with you. Its horrid feeling the need to pick ones skin isn’t it. Sometimes I do it without realising. And thank you so much for your amazing kindness saying this should be a coping tool! I know I wont believe mine when I come to read it during a depression. But it might help, anything’s worth a shot isn’t it? I hope you are feeling well? Karen x

  2. Hello my lovely. You swear whenever you need, what you’re going through deserves a good blast of healthy anger, it shows me you still value precious you and you’re stiil in there fighting this crap! Be good to yourself xxx

  3. “Try having a relaxed evening with the Hubby. Snuggle up and watch something funny, or anything you feel like.” Great idea!!! I should add this to another reason that Sidney is lucky to be married to someone with bipolar–an excuse for lazy nights!

  4. Hi Karen. Good on you for being proactive!
    I’m manic depressive..so I understand how difficult it is to write something positive when your down.
    Writing something to yourself was a brilliant idea!
    Paula xxx

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  6. Wow, what a great idea! I’ve never thought of this before, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

    I’m going to write one when I’m manic, too — and make sure I give it to my partner to whip out, because I’m not likely to read it myself. 😉

    • Thats a fab idea to give one to your partner too, and also to do one when youre manic. I think I’m going through a little hypomanic high at the moment, so maybe now is a good time for me to do one! 🙂

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