New med side effects + a drink + electrical socket = Sorry Hubby!

So my lovelies. . .

My dose of  S e r o q u e l   has been upped, causing more dopey-ness and other side effects – boo hiss boo!!

My typical nightly routine is to get comfy and snuggled in bed, then take all my meds – and it is quite a cocktail I have to take now.

Pair this with the fact we have just moved house. It all added up to a little accident that had The hubby scrambling around in the middle of the night!

My new bedside table is just about at the same height as my pillow. I always keep a big ‘ole drink of water or juice on there as I get sooooo thirsty with the meds. Now in the new house, I’m not used to having a bedside table so close to the bed and at that height.

I bet you know what I’m going to say. . . .

My poor Hubby has been working late this week, so last night he was ready to just fall into bed. I took my meds and we both settled down to sleep (me having put on a quiet DVD as I can’t stand it when it’s too quiet – that’s when I can hear the scary whispering voices).

We were soon off to sleep.  The next thing I knew I had  *s m a c k e d *  a pint of water all over a 4 plug electrical socket.

Me – “Hubby!”

 *Shake,  shake,  shake. . .*

Me – “Hubby !”

Hubby – “Grumble, grumble, grumble . . .”

Me  – “I’ve just tipped a pint of juice all over the socket!!”

Hubby – “Seriously. Seriously? Oh bollocks.

So up my poor husband got to turn off the plug whilst I apologised profusely, and looked for something to mop up the juice with.
He told me in the morning he felt very hard-done-by in the middle of the night with such a rude awakening!

But we did laugh about it. My hubby and his crazy wife. I do love you so My darling Husband!

I hope you are all feeling strong and have no medication related safety mishaps of your own.

Much love,

Karen xx


One thought on “New med side effects + a drink + electrical socket = Sorry Hubby!

  1. Hi Karen. OMG should I laugh? ..of course!!!!…we have to laugh at our selves! *smiling*
    When I was taking Stillnox I used to get up and cook!…Yip didn’t even know until I saw the mess the next morning!!.. My son many times would come into the kitchen and put me in bed! *not good*
    I no longer take Stillnox. Lol xxxxx

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