The ‘ole Mobile phone Trick . . .

I’m guessing a lot of people reading this will have a similar problem to me . . . sometimes, being outside is  t o r t u r e .

When I was recently thinking back to when I had my gigantic melt down over 2 years ago, I had totally forgotten about a behaviour I developed whenever I was on my own walking to work, or indeed walking anywhere alone.

I was so paranoid. Everyone was looking at me . Everyone new I wasn’t normal. Everyone knew I was  c r a z y .

So . . . .

I started walking to work with my mobile phone to my ear (making sure it was on vibrate!) , pretending I was talking to someone. Ohhhhh boy.
I would pretend I was talking to someone and I would tell them what was going on in my head, the thoughts I was having.

Yikes.      Healthy??       Me thinks not!

I have stopped doing it now. . . but then again, I’m off sick at the moment so who knows what I will be doing when I’m walking to work again!

I still wear my sunglasses everywhere. My little shields. And they look cool.

Do any of you have any coping behaviours you developed when you were feeling ill and vulnerable?

I hope you are all feeling well.

Much love,

Karen xx



8 thoughts on “The ‘ole Mobile phone Trick . . .

  1. Considering I talk to myself/hallucinations most of the day I use the mobile phone trick whenever I’m outside 🙂 If I don’t, the comments people fire at me just make everything worse.

    I don’t wear sunglasses (as I need normal ones to see) but I do wear baggy clothing because of my body image issues and always wear a jacket, even if it’s a balmy 30-40 degree day, as it makes me feel a little more protected from the big bad world 🙂

    • I too am taking to wearing baggy clothes due to the mahooosive amounts of weight Im gaining. Why do the meds we need to take cause other symptoms, like weight gain, that make our mental symptoms worse? My body issues are getting so much worse. I hope you are feeling ok, take care x

  2. Hi, that’s really interesting. I used to have a thing i’d do at my first job when anxiety and depression were building up. I’d go into one of the empty offcies while someone was on their dinner and i’d pick up the phone and talk as if I was having a conversation, in part to help me release it, maybe that’s the same with you trying to release the thoughts on your mobile. In part I wanted people to overhear to know, or at least think that they were the source of my misery and I was happier outside of work.

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  5. When I get anxious..I tap my index finger on my right hand!
    I spell words out silently in my mind!..this can go on for ages!…More times than not I don’t even realize I’m doing it!..My husband asks me what I’m spelling?..It frustrates the hell out of me!! xxx

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