I found this one hilarious.


5 thoughts on “I found this one hilarious.

    • Hi! Sorry for the delay in replying, I hope you had a fab weekend.
      I had a tough weekend, anxiety out of control. Tried my best to conquor it, but not much luck! Saw my GP today, we are upping the dose of my Quetiapine. I dont mind though, whatever helps!! I hope you are feeling well, Love Karen x

      • You do whatever makes you happy and well!!

        Check out my post I posted last night on my Llamas..hopefully you will love them like me!!!.

        love Paula xx

  1. Just to say Keith and I are thinking of you and feel for how hard the move has been. You are a brave, strong woman who enriches our lives with your honesty – thank you. Be good to yourself xxx

    • Thank you so much Brigid. You have no idea how much you and Keith are helping me, well actually, all of us – The Hubby and The Boy too.
      It is quite tough at the moment, but I’m hanging on in there. I’m trying to write this through the fog of medication as my GP and I decided to up the dose of my Quetiapine. So had double does tonight! Boo hiss boo! I hope you are both well and I will send you a proper email soon. Lots of love Karen xxx

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