The Best Advice you’ve had?

Things are hard at the moment.

I thought it might be helpful, not only for me but for others, to ask this question:-

What’s the best advice you’ve had regarding your mental health?

What sticks in your mind; something you reflect on, something that helps you when times get rough?

*     *     *

For me, it’s things I was taught at a  M i n d f u l n e s s  course ( I will do a post about that soon . . .  honest guv’na).

– The first thing is this: A thought is a thought. It doesn’t make it reality just because you have thought it. Something bad isn’t going to happen just because you have had the thought – it doesn’t mean it will come true or it’s real.

– The next thing is: Slow. Things. Down.  An example of this; I had been off work for 16 months. I had to go to a meeting with the big boss, a Doctor, and HR. I used a Mindfulness technique to slow everything down, stop catastrophic thoughts and get to the meeting.

So instead of “ohmygodIcantcopewiththismeeting,whatdoesitmean,whatifIcan’tevergetbacktoworkI’lllosemyjobwewon’thaveanymoney. . . .”     Using Mindfulness, I took everything in  t i n y  steps, depersonalising everything and describing things factually, without using emotion.

It now went like this:

I am now awake.
I am using my leg muscles to walk to a different room.
I am undressing to step under something that sprinkles liquid.
I am standing under something that sprays liquid on me.
The liquid is hot.
I am using a gel-like substance to wash my body.
It feels cold when I initially put it on my body.
I am turning off the thing that sprays liquid on me.
I am using a large piece of cloth to rub on my body to get dry.
I am using a piece of equipment that shoots hot air, to dry my hair.
I am covering my body in different pieces of cloth.
They feel warm against my skin.
(closer to the meeting)
I am walking towards a car.
I am opening the car and sitting in it.
The person who I am with is making the car move.
I am just sitting in a car that’s moving.
The car is slowing down.
I am sitting in a stationary car.
I am using my hand to open the car door, to step out.
I am using my legs to walk up a path.
I am looking at a building.
I am opening a door.
I am sitting in a chair.
I am waiting to meet some people.

And so forth.
When it’s typed out like that, you might think “Christ that seems like a  l o t  of work and steps just to get to one meeting. And I actually slowed things down even  m o r e  on that day.
But the state I was in, having hardly left the house for a year, it  w o r k e d . It got me to that meeting, which  m a d e  me set a date to go back to work. I don’t think I could have done it without using that technique. In my case, it stopped me jumping from waking up in the morning, to then thinking a split second later, ‘I’ve lost my job’. It stopped me catastrophysing the situation.

So how about you my lovelies?

Tag . . .you’re  it!

Much love,

Karen x


14 thoughts on “The Best Advice you’ve had?

  1. The way you typed all of those words together describing how it feels in your mind…YES. I get that 100%. It is exhausting to be in my head!

    The best quote that I have ever heard is:

    You can’t appreciate the sweet without the sour

  2. The best advice I have received is that I am just right the way I am. This is not meant to be apathetic.

    I find if I want to shift from where I am at physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually, I need to stop resisting what is.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on mindfulness. It too is a very powerful tool.


  3. I haven’t learned about mindfulness yet. I’m still very focused on just distracting myself but I’ll get there.

    I’m not sure what the best advice is that I’ve gotten.

    Some advice that I was given back in the beginning of August (literally, the first day) was that I should think about whether or not I need my armor on. It was from the psychiatrist I saw. He said that at one point having armor served a purpose to protect. Do I still need it?

    I can’t stop thinking about it and I still don’t have an answer.

  4. Hi, thanks for following my blog by the way. The thing I do when I’m down is meditate. I practice mindfulness meditation. Generally it slows me down enough to be able to stabilize myself. The other thing I do is remember to have compassion for myself. These two things help me with my mental health the most.

    • Hi, I try to practice Mindfulness too. But I do need to practice the meditation more. Thank you for encouraging me to do this! Its great to hear the meditation helps. i hope you are feeling well, Karen x

      • Thanks Karen 🙂 I’m working on my social phobia and trying to go out in public more.

  5. Thanks. Even though I learned Mindfulness ages ago I had forgotten the specifics as you clearly explained. Very useful… I will definitely be adding that to my tool box!

  6. for me i named panic “fred” when i start to feel it, i acknowledge it first, “I hear you fred and thank you but I am in no immediate danger, I’m okay.” it was life changing for me. i went from not being able to leave my home to leaving without a worry. xo

    • Wow. Thats a technique I’ve never heard of and it sounds amazing! I am goingto try this without doubt. Thank you so much. And thank you so much for taking a peek at my little blog. I hope you are feeling well, take care, Karen x

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