“It is in changing that we find purpose” – I reeeeally hope so.

I’m not in the habit of quoting, but this one by Heraclitus really struck me.

What are your thoughts?

It gives me hope.

I’m facing some heeeyoooodge changes right now, and I hope that I grow from them.

I cant wait to get into our new house. I’m really excited by it now. But boy am I fed up with potential buyers wandering through, judging our little house. We just don’t have time for it now, we are trying to bloody pack!
I’ve gone from feeling incredibly  a n x i o u s  when they do, to incredibly  a n g r y! I’m on edge, just waiting for them to criticise how we’ve looked after the house. And the  l i e s  estate agents are telling them! I’m honest with them if the ask me any questions . . .

Them – “are there any problems with the house we should know about?”

Me – ”  (in a whisper) yes, you might want to look at this massive one, this, this and this”

It’s not that I don’t want our landlord to get a good price. I just don’t want someone to buy something that I know needs sooo much work and they aren’t telling them that.

I’ve noticed that recently I seem to be ready for a  r u c k  with strangers at the moment?? (not a physical one though).

. . . ” you want to criticise my husband’s parking do you? Bring it on!”

Utterly stupid things like that. I haven’t yet caused any public order offences. It is usually solved by me muttering profanities to myself, or making my husband laugh by how wound up I get. That usually calms me down and makes me laugh too.

I hope you are all feeling well,

Much love,

Karen x

As a little addendum to this post, my husband never has any trouble parking the car!


4 thoughts on ““It is in changing that we find purpose” – I reeeeally hope so.

  1. I tell my husband to do the same thing…laugh when I get all worked up about unimportant stuff! He can’t get himself to do it, tho, because in HIS mind he would be sooooooo mad if anyone “laughed” at him while he was angry. He doesn’t get it. I’m glad you have someone who can take you down a notch! It is priceless.

    I’m excited for your new home for you!!!

  2. Understand completely. Just accepted an offer on a home we were selling. Thankgod its sold! I hate people picking at this and that, especially when its newly renovated.
    As for feeling bad about the flaws you say it has, don’t worry thats buyer beware! A smart buyer will look for these things.Glad your husband makes you laugh. x

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