Dear Facebook . . .

This letter has been a long time coming.

We both know it hasn’t been working for a very long time.

The simple truth is. . .(takes deep breath). . .I just don’t love you anymore.

Hell, I don’t even like you anymore.

I don’t trust you.

It seems that everyone’s lives are perfect. Everyone is always so happy. Everyone is always so beautiful. Everyone’s life is always going so well. No blips, no screw-ups, no crap.

Well I’m not buying it anymore.

It does me damage to read you, look at you. I feel immensely, deeply sad whenever I use you. It makes me question my life and ‘why isn’t it as good as all my Facebook Friends??’

But now I know better. Now I know Facebook is often used as a  f i l t e r  and presents to the world what people wants the world to see.

Uh-uh. No thanks. Not interested.

I never used to feel this way.

There was a time when I was checking you, examining you every few minutes.

But it was for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t healthy. I made mistakes.

Then I got really ill. Or I should say, my illness came to a head. As I was so ill, I stopped my relationship with you. I wasn’t  o n l i n e  for a long time.

And I didn’t miss you one bit. Not one bit.

You see, I was confusing staying in contact with friends, and obsessively pouring over you. Its a very false way to keep friendships for me. A lot a people can function healthily with you that way, and use it to keep healthy friendships. And that’s fine for them.

But not me.

Perhaps my choice of ‘Facebook Friends’ is a big part of the problem. There are lots of parts of my life that I  n e v e r  want to think about, get  i l l  thinking about, and there are people associated with those times as my ‘Facebook Friends’.

Maybe this is the mistake? I don’t blame those people. . .well actually a few. But they’re not to know.

So do I do one of those ‘ F a c e b o o k   e n e m a s ‘  that people do, and delete ALL of my friends and whomever comes back to me is a real friend? But what if no-one comes back? Or only a handful of people? I know how that will make me feel.

So do I just leave you there? Drifting around for when I want to contact very distant family?

Whatever I do, please consider our previous relationship over.  O v e r .

Yours truthfully,



7 thoughts on “Dear Facebook . . .

  1. Okay, here goes, OMG and LOL, how Facebook is so SWAG. Thank you Facebook for removing real words from our language. How it reduces us to a resume on being globally unreal even to ourselves. I LIKE this post and should FRIEND you, even though I don’t know you or see you, ever! And, don’t even get me going on baby pictures. There should be an app that restricts how many cute baby pictures people can post. Oh, and then there are the copy/paste platetudes that some wantabe Hallmark card writter made. However, they are mostly crude. Okay, okay, wait, I’m not done ranting (you opened a hole in the dike of Holland here), as I want to find a way to send a blight to Farmville and kill their crops, send communism to their little war zones, and just plain watch the Great Depression rob their coins. Why? Well, I am against sending real people into living in their heads and not in their own actual lives. They type while an actual farm could be planted, they type while their kids want to visit, and they type themselves into a version of themselves that is farther and more distant than affords a possible return. So glad to see that YOU are not getting 666 on your forehead too.
    Loved the post. So needed a good laugh, though it was a bit of an ironically disgusted chortle. Oh, I liked your post honestly and honestly would hang with you as a friend.

    • What a fantastic reply! Really made me laugh out loud literally! That describes exactly how I feel! Thank you so much for your last sentiment. Its a good thing to hear right now when a lot of people I consider friends are not getting in contact with me whilst I’m off sick from work adjusting to being Bipolar and the meds. Thank you so much for making me feel better. I hope you are feeling good today. Love Karen x

  2. I like Facebook for seeing family photos and keeping up with old friends. I hate the tweets some people put out there (Driving to work… photo of our dinner) These are people I hide posts from – and I’m going to be SO glad when the US election is over. When did it become acceptable to blast people with our political opinions in a “social” forum? To those people I say – start a blog!
    Anyway, enjoyed your post! 😉

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