Deciding what to keep. . . .

Hello peeps. . .

I was up at 5am this morning and I’m up so early as The Hubby and The Boy are going to a car boot sale (I don’t know if you have them in the USA? Its a bit like a garage sale I suppose, but you take all your stuff, packed into a car, to a field/car park and lay it out for people to buy).

We are trying to get rid of the  m o u n t a i n s  of stuff we own before we move house – and make some much needed money!

I’m also feeling a little bit  t w i t c h y , a little bit  b u z z y  with racing thoughts, I’ll have to be careful today. I awoke instantly with a  p i n g !  

I want to spend.

So. . . why do we have sooo much stuff?     Maybe a teeny bit of my spending when hypo-manic?

Probably.  Maybe.  Yup.  Guilty.

Not quite all my fault though as over spending is also a trait my dad has (he isn’t Bipolar . . .although sometimes I question if he is on the spectrum somewhere) and my parents have been very generous with gifts for The Boy over the years.

I’m having a rough time deciding what to give up, particularly The Boys childhood toys.

Please don’t get me wrong though. I know we are so lucky to have had such generous people in our lives who provided things for our child when we could not afford to.

Oh so many memories. Memories of my gorgeous boy as a toddler. Memories of when I felt stable.

I should probably say at this juncture, I’m not a hoarder.

I admit I do attach memories to objects and its a very difficult for me to part with certain things sometimes – usually The Boy’s childhood things. I don’t seem to have a problem donating stuff to charity, its just things like car boot sales that I struggle with.

The flip side is that sometimes (usually when I’m slightly hypo-manic) I take great pleasure in throwing things away (my things, not anyone else’s), clearing out my wardrobe/closet, filling as many bags as possible and just getting rid and giving it all to charity. It definitely gives me a high.

So I’ll be on my own until lunch time.

I must try to resist the urge to shop online. I’m already thinking of things we N E E D .

I’ll try and put the energy into packing up for the move.

Oh boy.

I hope you are all feeling well,

Love Karen x


2 thoughts on “Deciding what to keep. . . .

    • I know, its so hard isnt it! We’ve been doing well so far. The Hubby has had to push me a little bit to get rid of some of The Boy’s childhood things, we just had too damn much!
      I’ve directed him to read your blog as he hasnt had any support with trying to deal with my illness and all the joys it brings! I hope you are doing ok and your wife is feeling well. Karen x

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