Strangers in my house!

So the thing about moving house. . .

Our landlord is selling our house. I don’t begrudge her doing this. I hope she gets a really good price for it.

But it means people need to come and look at the house to see if they want to buy it. Often at very short notice.

A lot of people.

Its still my house for now. My safe place.

People. . . s t r a n g e r s.  Invading my space. I cant hide in my bedroom like I normally do.


I hate this. I’m still off work and trying to get used to the meds. I have trouble acheiving the most simple of things, and they exhaust me.

But I have to play nice and do the whole ‘g o o d  l i t t l e  h o u s e w i f e’  bit and talk to all these strangers in my house.

On Saturday we had to have an open house, so  l o t s of  people would be coming. The Hubby made the right decision, and took me out the house and into town whilst it was happening. He knew I would react badly and feel really unwell. I do love him so.


I did suffer a severe paranoia for a few years about our house.
I was utterly convinced that someone had put a camera in our bathroom to watch us.
This started when one day we returned to the house and the little loft/attic access door in the bathroom cealing was adjar. I though someone had put something like a lipstick camera in the big crack in the bathroom wall. I still have to fight this thought.

So a lot of people I dont know coming into my space has been so very difficult.

I have thoughts of them stealing things, touching things, doing nasty things. Basically Its a damn nightmare.

But on a positive note, we went to look at the house we are moving into, and thats exciting. I cant wait for us to be there.

I hope you are all well and take care,

Karen x


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