Letting my friends and family in. . .

So who reads your blogs? Do you let your family read your blogs?

I was asked recently if some of my nearest and dearest could read my blog.

I’m so happy to say that my first reaction was yes. Absolutely yes. They aren’t my parents or sister – I don’t think I could let them read it. It still feels too raw, coming to terms with the illness.

These people are not blood relations, but they are my f a m i l y .They know the rough times I’ve had, the very worst times I’ve had, and seen it first hand. They’ve seen the crazy Karen who cant explain whats happening and is terrified.

I trust them. They will never judge me and never have judged me. And that’s something that helps my recovery.

A lot of people would run for the hills, but not them.

They have both offered me unconditional love, help and support. This means so much to me that I cant describe it.  And I will take them up on that offer. I’m not sure how, but it will happen.

Love you both.

Karen xx


9 thoughts on “Letting my friends and family in. . .

    • Thats very similar to me. Some members of my family and friends work in the medical profession and they dont believe I’m bipolar. Its so hard when you feel you have to justify it. Ill have a look at your post, it will be veryhelpful for me. Thank you x

  1. I have just recently let my friends in. I am not close enough to my family. We have a strained relationship, so I would be most unlikely to do it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that doesn’t have a good relationship with their family. But, I would recommend that everyone let their real life friends decide on whether they want to read or not.

    I just mention my blog to friends, and feel them out. If they want the address, they ask.

    • That is very good advice. I have only told a handful of people about my blog and only give them the address if they ask for it. It can be a lot for someone to understand if they are not going through it. Thank you for your advice, I hope you are feeling well x

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. Not all my family read my blog, but at the end of the day they are my greatest supporters. Bi-polar is a hard thing for us and our familys to live with. There support is what keeps me going. x

  3. A very pertinent question. I hide my blog from my wife and family. The wordpress account barrier is usually a big enough hurdle for most people who want to read my blog that know me. There is some dark stuff on my blog that I wouldnt be too happy my wife reading. A tricky one.

    • I agree. The main thing is I dont want them to worry about me. But I suppose theres a part of me that worries what they would think if they knew half the stuff that goes through my mind. I hope you are feeling well, Karen x

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