Ebay + Bipolar girl = eeeeew boy.

E b a y.

The love and bane of my life.

Ebay has saved me so much money over the years.   But boy has it also cost me a lot of money.

A  l o t.

Looking back through my purchase history is an interesting exercise and I can actually plot my moods.

And looking at the sort of crap I was buying. . . .Oh. Dear. God.
So many ideas for new b u s i n e s s e s I should start , new  h o b b i e s  I was obsessed with, oh so many  p r e s e n t s  for ‘the present draw- just in case’. And the thrill of the postman ringing the door with arms full of  p a c k a g e s  for me. I felt loved, special, happy, oh so enthusiastic and could justify each and every purchase with a long  d i a t r i b e  about why it was needed. Now what I recognise as hypo-manic behaviour.
So now, do I stay away completely from Ebay? Or do I try to manage my spending and use it to make genuine savings for things we actually need?

Any thoughts?

I hope you are all well,

Take care


Karen x


4 thoughts on “Ebay + Bipolar girl = eeeeew boy.

  1. Ebay has also burnt my fingers before. Whilst manic I bought two watches at three o’clock in the morning costing over $3000 that I didnt have! I then had to pay import duty on them.
    My mania over and I am not interested in shopping at all, though thanks to Olanzapine I am buying trousers with a greater waist size!

    • The middle of the night is also a killer for me, then hypomania over, I’m left thinking ‘why on earth did I buy that??’ Financially, its so hard. And a few people then have no sympathy for you as ‘you shouldnt have bought it all in the first place’! I too am swelling up with my Seroquel, and with my sisters wedding coming up, how am I going to squeeeeeze into a dress?! Yikes!

  2. yup…my weakness was QVC…i *needed* all the kitchen gadgets, you know… But really I’ve managed to curb my impulse buying a lot mostly by staying away from online shopping sites. Hard to do since my “second job” involves me being on the computer. I just have to stay offline and “earn” any purchases I make either by saving for it or by achieving some goal.

    • Thats such a good way to do it. I would feel so much better if I could earn something I bought.
      The killer for me is during the middle of the night. I just have to try and not go on the laptop at night!
      Hope you are feeling well, Karen x

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