Mental health, art and craft. . . .

When I started to get really ill in November 09, there was something that helped save me.

That may sound overly dramatic, and let me say first and foremost;  m y  h u s b a n d  a n d  s o n, were my e n t i r e  focus during that really dark time and they kept me going.

But there was also something else that helped. Something that I had always wanted to know how to do since I was little. Something that I was so impressed by if people could do it.

C r o c h e t .

Now, you may ask, with everything that was happening, was crochet really a priority?? Seriously?

So in my stupor of medication and depressed haze, I went onto Youtube, looked at a few videos and found two people that changed a big part of my life. Bethintx1 and The Crochet Crowd.

I was at a point where I didn’t think I could accomplish  a n y t h i n g .

Breathing in and out was difficult, as was eating, washing, sleeping, let alone trying to be a good wife, mother, daughter and sister. I was off sick from my part time job and couldn’t ever see myself returning.

I felt utterly useless and that I had lost myself as a person.

So back to the v i d e o s . . .

I found the most wonderful woman from Texas called Beth Ham  (Bethintx1). She has a lovely channel with so many videos, the most soothing voice and she makes things so easy to understand, especially for me in my state.
I kept watching her videos and very slowly made my very first piece of crochet. I cant begin to describe how good it felt to have accomplished something. Looking down at my  t i n y , w o n k y , g r a n n y  s q u a r e, I felt proud of myself for the first time in a  v e r y  long time.
I had actually achieved something. And it was a skill I had wanted to learn since childhood.

I sent a message to Beth to say thank you and how much her videos had been helping me. I got the most wonderful, kind reply. She encouraged me to keep going, keep fighting and I will feel better one day.

The next person that started to change the way I looked at things was Mikey, from The Crochet Crowd. He has a very powerful message to his channel – that  c r e a t i v i t y can really change the world. That it can change  y o u r  world.
As I followed his fabulous, upbeat videos, I did start to find my creative side again. And boy did it do me good. It helped me realise I am a person with different dimensions, not just an  i l l  g i r l.

I sent him a big thank you message, and got the most positive reply, again telling me to keep fighting.
He also has a very active Facebook fan-page where I found tremendous support from others, a lot of them going through their own issues with mental health.

Creativity is often one of the first things to be extinguished when you are battling mental health problems. I’m just so happy I could find a sliver of mine at a time when I so desperately needed it.

Don’t give up on yours. I know it can be so hard. But believe me, it is so worth it.

So here’s to Beth Ham and Michael Sellick. You both kick started my recovery and helped me through such a dark time. For that I’m eternally grateful.

I hope you are all well,

Take care,

Karen xx


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