So. . . the landlord is selling our house. Perfect.

Well . . . I’m at a loss for words! We have been told we have 8 weeks to move out, as she is selling the house we rent and have lived in for nine years.

O h  b o y .

All I can try to do is laugh about how s i l l y  the timing is.

Moving is not something you want to be doing when you are fit and healthy, let alone trying to get used to new medication and coming to terms with being Bipolar!

The hubby, the boy and I looked at a place today that is available for rent. It was a big  f a t  t u r k e y.

Noooooooo thank you.

And our landlord wants to send the estate agent round to our house tomorrow to take photos of it.
Have I mentioned that my house is a bit like my mind . . . totally cluttered.

We also have family that have come to visit and are camping on a site near us.

So, my question is; how do I fit cleaning the house ready for tomorrow, with seeing family I haven’t seen for a long time, whilst also feeling out of it with the new medication, all in less than a day!

Well all I can do is my best. I have the support of my amazing hubby and boy. So it will get done.

I t  w i l l  g e t  d o n e! ”  (she shouts triumphantly, standing on the mountain top, the wind flowing through her hair. . . . . )

Then in a much teeny, tinier voice she whispers. . . . ” I hope “


4 thoughts on “So. . . the landlord is selling our house. Perfect.

  1. I’m sure with a bit of bipolar magic it’ll all come right…ever wish for one of those convenient manic highs?! I hope all works out, get the family to muck in and help and make a party out of it. Or if all else fails, do what you can, no one can expect miracles. Take care, Lucy x

  2. ack…what timing indeed. We still rent a house and I remember what a pain it was – perhaps you can get a real estate agent to do the looking for you (if you havent already done this). It does save some time and energy. Just take it one moment at a time. You can do this!

    • Thank you so much! Thats how I had to take things today, one moment at a time. We’ve just done a mammouth clean up as the estate agent and landlord came round today to take photos to sell the house. I’m exhausted now! Hope you are feeliing well, Karen x

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