A Bipolar Driver?

One thing I  h a p p e n e d  to find out, not from any health professional, is that you need to inform the DVLA (if you live in the U.K) that you are indeed, Bipolar.


So what does this mean? Will they say I’m no longer safe to drive? Will I have to do another driving test?


So I’ve investigated a bit and I need to do a medical form and give them permission to contact my Doctor.

I wonder what they’ll ask?

I’ve heard they mostly have concerns if you drive during a manic phase. I have more of the downs than ups.

The way to let them know is download a form from www.dvla.gov.uk , fill it out and post it to them. So that’s the next task on my list.

I’m going to do a separate post on another huge thing that’s happening. . . that I could really do without!!

I hope you are all well,

Love Karen x



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