Well hello there…..

So,  you’ve probably gathered the theme of this blog by its title!

My name is  K a r e n . I’m 34 years old and a very proud wife to  t h e   h u b b y   and mother to  t h e  b o y  (early teens).

On the 16th of July ( 2012) I was diagnosed as having  B i p o l a r  A f f e c t i v e  D i s o r d e r .  It was something I was expecting to be confirmed (due to symptoms I’ve been having for years, but that have become much worse and changed since 2009).

But it has still hit me like a  s l e d g e   h a m m e r !

I was asked at that appointment to keep a mood diary to try to monitor my mood day-to-day and recognise any triggers.

So…. the  p u r p o s e  of this  t e e n y  blog of mine:-

  1.  to hopefully gain some insight into this darn illness
  2. to share my experiences in trying to learn to live with it and starting this journey
  3.  to note my reactions to the new medication
  4. to maybe offer a bit of help or support to others also living with this illness
  5. and last but not least. . . t o  h a v e  a  b i t  o f  f u n  t o o !

I hope you are all well, and if you have any suggestions for this blog, then please do say. This is my first ever blog!

Take care,

Love Karen x


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