BBC – Preventing bipolar relapse with web therapy

very interesting piece that describes how I feel during a hypomanic episode. Just goes to show we are not alone in our symptoms and how important it is to connect with fellow Bipolar Disorder sufferers. There is also a study mentioned about parents who suffer from Bipolar Disorder. I’m going to look that up now!

Love Karen xxx

The Bipolar Place

I found this BBC News piece on Bipolar.

I found it very insightful & the first two lines summed up how I’ve sometimes felt when in a hyper phase.

Have a read & let me know what you think. I’ve also copied and pasted it below in case you can’t access it outside of the UK. I’ve also pasted the related links at the bottom of the story, let me know if you want me to email you a copy, as I don’t think the links will work when I publish this post.




Preventing bipolar relapse with web therapy

Man holding head

“I tend to think I am in a film – it’s like The Truman Show. I’m the star of the film, off on my own planet.

“It’s quite pleasurable for me, but a bit strange for other people.”

Michael, 29, from Cheshire, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after experiencing these…

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Hello again old friend….

Hello lovelies!

It’s been such a  l o n g  time! I’m sorry I’ve been quiet of late. I shall update you!

I’ve had some big changes in my  w o r k   life and life at  h o m e .

So, work first!

After much soul-searching and talks with  t h e  h u b b y,  we’ve decided to drastically reduce my working hours. This decision has not been taken lightly, as financially we cannot afford it. But we decided together that it is more important for me to be a happy mother to  t h e  b o y, a happy and better wife, and as stable as possible.

So far it’s going really well. I don’t feel as pressured, even though my highs and lows are quite pronounced and difficult to deal with at the moment, I find I can cope better knowing it’s only so many hours before my week is over.

I’ve also been getting fantastic support from two lovely ladies at work. I can ask them if I’m feeling paranoid, I can run my crazy thoughts by them and they will reassure me. I trust them completely and I know they have my best interests at heart.

At home there have been a few changes too. . .

I’ve started a weight loss regime, and so far its going well. That’s helping my self-esteem.

I’ve also now got a support worker whom I see once a week and a CPN who’s keeping an eye on me. They encourage me to leave the house with them and do a bit of  g r a d e d   e x p o s u r e  – go for walks with them, go to shops etc . It is really hard work, but good.
I’ve recently seen my Psychiatrist for a meds review. They have increased my anti-depressant as I was having a lot of lows – I think that’s why I havent been blogging.

But since they have, I’m feeling that  t i n g l i n g  in my chest, that  s t i r r i n g  and  p o p p i n g  of ideas, my heart always  r a c i n g , that feeling that those of you with Bipolar disorder will recognise as the beginning of a  h i g h . They warned me that was the risk of upping my anti-depressant.

Ho-hum! I’ll keep an eye on things and ask people around me to keep a check.

I hope you are all doing well and feeling strong. Let me know how you all are!

Much love,

Karen xxx

Uh-ohhhhh! My Credit Card is stinging a teeny bit!

Ohhhhh  b o y . Ohhhhh  d e a r.  Ohhhhh crap.

So we’re not talking about a  p l a n e ,  a new  c a r  or anything, but we might as well be with our budget!

Curse you EBAY!! (shakes fist at laptop – whilst she still has a laptop to shake fist at).

It’s always the same pattern.

I go on there for a legitimate reason – this time it was to get a doorbell . . . oh my god it was to get a doorbell!! I’ve just remembered what I was on there looking for!   Christ almighty.

So I go there . . . and slowly start to mooch around, getting more and more comfortable, and more and more excited.
My spending is usually on other people, so I’ll start to look for presents for them. My thinking gets very disordered and erratic.

But it feels so good.

Its feels so good imagining their faces when they open the present I’ve spent so long picking out for them.

So I’ve just hit the credit card. Bollocks.

And I’ve still got to buy a bloody doorbell.

I hope you are all feeling strong,

Much love,

Karen xxx

The Bipolar Bedroom

Lovely , warm , cosy . . . horrible , claustrophobic , trap.

I love my bedroom. A place to rest and regenerate. A place to have sex and to sleep.

I also hate it. It becomes my  p r i s o n .

Perhaps my bedroom is  B i p o l a r  with me?

It brings me comfort and safety, but at the same time it confines me. I’m not motivated to leave the bedroom. I watch and listen to everyone walking past the house, going about their lives. I feel jealous.

My bedroom changes mood with me.

One time it is bright and airy, encouraging me to go out, be free and confident. The next it is dank and dark, not letting me escape, keeping me pinned to the bed.

One moment it is hot and sexy. The next, stone cold.

How can I even this out? How can I meet my bedroom in the middle?


I hope you are all feeling strong,

Much love,

Karen xx